3 Ordinary Foods Hold The Key

REVEALED: The 3 doctor-approved foods (you probably
have them in your kitchen already) that can help
improve blood pressure numbers

If you're thinking about your blood pressure…

If your doctor says it's important to keep your blood pressure healthy…

If you're looking for a safe and natural way to help support blood pressure numbers…

The secret may be hiding in 3 ordinary foods

Let me explain…

Some very convincing research conducted on folks with metabolic conditions—like high blood pressure and triglycerides—has emerged…

And it has to do with the surprising blood pressure-lowering effects hiding in 3 specific foods.

That's right, I said foods…

See, you've probably heard a lot about what foods not to eat when it comes to your blood pressure. But today you're going to find out what 3 ordinary foods help support blood pressure numbers. And don't worry—this isn't the same old “eat more fruits and vegetables! drink more water!” spiel. The foods you're about to discover contain potent bio-active compounds.

And these compounds have health benefits—verified by high-level clinical research—benefits that go far beyond their everyday nutritional value.

In other words, the compounds from these foods are like tapping into Mother Nature's pharmacy.

And these aren't exotic “super foods” from some tropical jungle, either.

In fact, you probably have two of them in your kitchen right now.

If you've made chicken salad recently, you may have all 3 in your pantry.

But as you're about to discover, each compound from these 3 foods delivers blood pressure support.

And when you combine them, I believe something amazing could happen…

Picture your next visit to the doctor. He straps on the blood pressure cuff, pumps it up tight, then slowly lets the air out…

Then… and here's the amazing part… as he peels back the Velcro and takes off his stethoscope, you hear him say…

“Your blood pressure is great! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.”

Just imagine… one less thing to think about… won't that be nice?

Especially when you realize, after a few more checkups, your numbers could stay healthy.

They're staying right where they should be—smack in the middle of the healthy range.

Plus, what if your doc says your cholesterol levels are healthy, too?

And can you imagine if there was a way to harness the power of these 3 ordinary foods—without even having to eat them?

I promise to explain everything in the next few minutes….

And it could almost be like you've discovered the “secret formula” for cardiovascular health.

Here's the bottom line: eating healthy, getting some exercise and staying hydrated are all important to your health.

But you can do more… especially if you've been searching for the natural way to help support healthy blood pressure.

And research on subjects with mild hypertension showed that if you want to give your cholesterol and triglyceride levels a healthy nudge while you're at it.

There's one specific food that is exactly what you've been searching for.

I'll show you what the bioactive compounds from these 3 foods are in just a second.

First though, let me introduce myself, and show you why — if you'll forgive me for tooting my own horn — it's worth listening to what I have to say.

I'm Dr. Allan Spreen.

Dr. Allan Spreen - NorthStar Nutritionals

That's me!

I'm 72 years young. Been a medical doctor for almost 40 of those years… but as you can probably tell, I'm a little different from most doctors.

For starters, I don't use a lot of fancy medical terms and jargon. Because if it can't be explained in simple language, it's not worth explaining.

But there's something else that sets me apart from most doctors…

I'm NOT a big fan of prescription drugs

Don't get me wrong, they have their place.

But these days it seems like you can't leave a doctor's office without a new prescription — or two. Or three…

I learned a long time ago that there are safer, more natural ways to deal with the things that we experience as we get older.

I guess that's why they gave me the nickname “The Nutrition Physician”.

And I've seen firsthand how things like nutrients, herbs… and yes, even familiar foods… can have a huge impact on our health.

In fact, in my experience, the best solutions usually come from the kitchen, not the pharmacy.

Especially when it comes to maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Once you see how the compounds in these 3 foods work to support blood pressure, you'll understand why I'm so excited to show you the research… and help uncover why I think it's a crime that every doctor in the country isn't recommending them.

See, each of these foods could hold the key to healthy blood pressure and can help support all the different aspects of blood pressure.

So without further ado, let's reveal the list of 3 healthy blood pressure foods… and most importantly, show you exactly how you don't even need to eat them to experience their blood pressure supporting benefits.

Yes—you heard that right. You don't even need to eat these foods to potentially experience the benefits.

I will explain everything in a moment…

And when you see how easy and inexpensive it is to use all 3, it's really a no-brainer…

For example, number three on our list for healthy blood pressure foods is garlic.

Surprised? I know I was surprised when I first learned just how powerful garlic can be when it's used in the right way. See, garlic contains a powerful antioxidant compound in nature… it's called allicin.

Allicin is what gives raw garlic its pungent taste and smell.

Now—what does garlic have to do with your blood pressure?

Well, it turns out that when allicin gets into your bloodstream, it does something pretty amazing.

In vitro and clinical studies have shown that Allicin turns into a powerful “signaling molecule” in your blood vessels called Hydrogen Sulfide, or H2S.

H2S tells your blood vessels to relax, which makes blood flow easier.

Imagine you're watering your garden… but someone put a hose clamp on your hose and cinched it down tight.

The signal from H2S is like taking that clamp off and letting the full force of the water flow through!

So whether you love garlic or hate it, the shows garlic cloves could help provide natural blood pressure support!

In fact, there have been 27 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials—totaling 1,792 patients—showing how taking 300-1400 mg of garlic powder daily could help improve overall cardiovascular health.

And not only does daily garlic powder help improve blood pressure numbers… it could also help with cholesterol levels, too!

One controlled study looked at people with mild hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and high triglycerides took 200 mg of garlic powder—or a placebo—three times daily for 12 weeks.

Researchers measured their blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

And get this…

ALL three measurements were significantly reduced after eight and 12 weeks in the garlic powder group!

That's healthier blood pressure, cholesterol AND triglycerides after eight and 12 weeks after trying garlic powder.

Are you starting to see why I say it's a crime your
doctor hasn't recommend this?

Simply taking garlic powder every day could be enough to keep your blood pressure numbers in line in the healthy range and support your overall cardiovascular health.

So you may be wondering how much garlic you should eat… how often… and how should it be prepared?

Well, like I said, all the clinical studies used a daily dose of garlic powder.

And it's clear from the research that you need at least 4-5 milligrams of the active ingredient, allicin, in every dose.

That translates to about 1 average size clove of garlic.

Thing is—and this is VERY important—allicin is sensitive to heat.

That means it—and all its blood pressure benefits—are destroyed when garlic is heated above 140 degrees.

So cooked garlic won't cut it.

And if you've ever bit into a raw garlic clove, you know that's not a very pleasant experience. Actually, it burns like crazy!

Do you remember when I said you don't have to eat these foods to help support your blood pressure?

Well, I meant it….

There's another option: garlic powder—like the kind used in the study I mentioned a moment ago.

About a teaspoon a day of garlic powder sprinkled on a cold dish like a salad should do the trick.

You just have to make sure the garlic powder you use wasn't heated during the manufacturing process.

That could be tough, though…

Calling the manufacturer and asking them is about the only way to be sure.

Or you could go with the much faster and easier way to get the blood pressure benefits of garlic…and I promise to share that with you in a second.

It'll even show you how to get the amount of garlic used in the clinical studies, and you can rest assured it was never heated above 140 degrees.

That way you know you're getting what you need to help keep your blood pressure exactly where your doctor wants them—in the healthy zone.

Details in a second…

First, you absolutely MUST know about #2 on our list…

GRAPES. That's right, I said grapes!

But more specifically, the seeds from grapes.

You see, one of the biggest obstacles to blood pressure numbers is free radicals.

Those are nasty little molecules that come from processed foods, pollution, toxins and lots of other sources.

You've probably heard about free radicals and how antioxidants from fruits and vegetables help fight these free radicals. But what you probably haven't heard is that one part of your body is affected by free radicals much more than the rest of your body.

I'm talking the cells that line in the inside of your blood vessels. Free radicals can have a major impact on those sensitive cells. That irritation interferes with smooth blood flow. That's why antioxidants are so important for healthy blood pressure. And that's why doctors are always harping about fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, most of them haven't kept up with the latest nutritional science.

If they had, they'd know that one source of antioxidants has risen above all the rest when it comes to blood pressure. And that source is… you guessed it… grapes! See, grapes are rich in polyphenols, a very potent type of antioxidant.

And what they found is simply mind-blowing.

For example, there was a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on 36 men and women with metabolic syndrome…

The nine men and women who were given 150mg of grape seed extract each day improved their systolic (top) number by 11 points…

And their diastolic (bottom) number by 6 points…

Their average blood pressure went from 127/ 78 at the beginning of the trial…

To 116/71 at the end of the trial

Just 4 short weeks later!

Friend, that's the gold standard of medical research… and I have another study in my hand right now showing the exact same thing…

Grape seed extract can help support healthy blood pressure.

And one more thing is clear from these studies—populations with pre-hypertension also saw blood pressure support.

However, when study participants stop getting grape polyphenols, their benefits disappeared in a hurry.

So it's important to make these special bioactive compounds a part of your daily routine.

The question is, how many grapes should you eat every day to support healthy BP numbers?

Well like I said before, one source of grape polyphenols is a part of the grape that some young people probably don't even know exists…I'm talking about grape seeds! I'm old enough to remember when all the grapes you bought at the grocery store had seeds.

Now, I can't say I miss those days—seedless grapes are just so much easier to eat! You can still find seeded grapes at certain gourmet grocery stores.

Or, you could simply add BP Complete 120 to your routine…Because each daily dose of this cutting-edge blood pressure formula contains a clinically tested amount of grape seed extract used in the study I just mentioned.

That means you get a powerful dose of grape polyphenols… no grocery shopping necessary!

Don't forget, both—grape seeds and garlic powder are included in the best-selling blood pressure formula from NorthStar Nutritionals called BP Complete 120



So you don't have to just eat these foods to experience their heart health benefits!

And here at NorthStar Nutritionals, we're known for using the most effective, safe, and science-backed ingredients on earth to create the world's most powerful supplements.

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For starters, the form of garlic we selected for BP complete 120 is the exact form used in the clinical studies we talked about earlier. It comes from fresh garlic cloves dehydrated and turned into a fine powder—without ever heating them above 140 degrees. That keeps the active compound, allicin, intact and ready to help improve your blood pressure numbers.

Keep in mind, garlic doesn't just improve blood pressure… it has healthy effects on cholesterol, too…

Your numbers might be so darn healthy, your doctor could ask what your secret is!

And, as a bonus, BP Complete 120 includes another form of garlic…

I'm talking about fermented garlic extract… without getting into a chemistry lesson, just know that fermenting garlic further can increase its antioxidant power. It's kind of like supercharging normal garlic. And then you get grape seed extract —in the clinical studied amounts used to help folks support their blood pressure numbers.

So you definitely don't have to worry about eating handfuls of grape seeds everyday. Just three easy to swallow soft gel capsules each day and you're getting exactly what you need from both garlic and grapes to help support your blood pressure numbers. Think about that for a moment…What if you never had to think about your blood pressure? What if every trip to the doctor was as relaxed as a trip to the grocery store? What if you could feel 100% confident… as he Velcro's the blood pressure cuff… puts on the stethoscope……that your numbers were right where they should be?

What if you could stroll out of that doctor's office… WITHOUT thinking about your blood pressure… and get back to living your life?

Would you feel a little bit more relaxed and excited about the future?

Would you enjoy the time with your significant other… your kids and grandkids… your closest friends… that much more?

My friend, that's exactly why we created BP Complete 120.

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And best of all, I've got a FREE bottle with your name on it…

So please stay tuned to learn how to claim it while it's still available. First, let's reveal the last food on our list of healthy foods with compounds to help support blood pressure numbers. And the food is…


That's right—celery does more than just complement buffalo wings.

It contains an ingredient that's found in nature!

This compound is called 3nb.

And it's what gives celery its trademark flavor.

In fact, without 3nb, celery wouldn't really have a taste at all.

But it's what 3nb does in your body that has doctors like me so excited.

Because according to animal studies, the 3nb found in celery does something that—to my knowledge—no other natural compound on earth can do.

Animal studies show that 3nb works by interacting with the calcium channels inside the cells in blood vessels.

Now I don't want to put you to sleep, so I won't bombard you with scientific jargon.

All you really need to know is that calcium channels are like the “thermostat” for your blood pressure—and 3nb may help set the thermostat on a nice comfy temperature.

That means your doctor will continue to be happy with how healthy your numbers are.

And, as it turns out, it's not about how much you eat—it's more about what part of the celery plant you eat.

It's the seeds of the celery plant that have the good stuff.

Now, celery seeds aren't very appetizing.

But I have really good news.

Because just like with garlic powder and grape seeds, there's a way to try celery seeds—without eating them or having to pick celery seeds out of your teeth.

And it even lets you get exactly the right amount of 3nb every day.

You've probably guessed it—celery seed extract is now available in supplement form in BP Complete 120.

So you could still reap the benefits of celery seed—without having to chump on celery sticks morning, noon, and night.

Are you starting to see why BP Complete 120 could be one-stop-shopping for healthy blood pressure support?

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