Could These Nitrate Crystals Be The Blood Pressure Solution You’ve Been Waiting For?

IN THIS PRESENTATION: How these crystals can help improve blood pressure.

Plate of Crystals

Hello, I’m Dr. Allan Spreen.

I want to talk to you today about your blood pressure… and the white crystals you see on your screen.

You see, they have a very special property…

It’s something every man and woman in America needs to know about if they’re over 55…

You see, these crystals could help improve blood pressure… without waiting months or even weeks for it to happen…

Not even days…

Because these crystals made blood pressure better in just 3 hours

This was discovered in a small scientific study where the crystals were added in juice and drunk by men and women with hypertension.

The same study found that, in just 6 hours, these crystals improved blood pressure up to 11 points, with the peak mean improvement between 3 and 6 hours.

With results like these, in just a single afternoon, they could have kicked back their feet and smiled, knowing that their blood pressure was better.

It may sound hard to believe, but the science is clear.

And while the crystals themselves aren’t backed by Nobel Prize-winning research and studies by prestigious universities…

The heart health mechanism they help trigger IS.

That’s right, this mechanism is backed by Nobel Prize-winning research and studies by prestigious universities.

Now, you might wonder why you haven’t heard of these crystals before. It’s because scientists used to think they weren’t good for the heart.

Researchers had no idea they were the answer to helping keep a heart healthy. But we finally know. You see, the science behind these crystals… helps keep your heart beating and your blood flow strong…

It’s the secret behind your arteries staying wide and open…

It’s absolutely vital for every part of your body to get life-giving blood…

And, until recently, almost nobody has thought to use these crystals to improve heart health.

Which is why, as you’ve tried to keep your heart healthy with solutions for supporting cholesterol and blood pressure… you’ve completely missed out.

Fortunately, a small group of researchers finally started investigating deeper into the science…

In a small clinical study, they gave men and women with hypertension teeny-tiny amounts of these crystals in the form of juice…

And measured blood pressure improving in just 3 hours… and improving up to 11 points after just 6 hours, with the peak mean improvement between 3 and 6 hours.

It gets better. Other heart health studies have been completed. And I think the benefits are even better…

Like obese people with moderate dyslipidemia feeling more energy…

Healthier arteries…

And in another small study, obese people with dyslipidemia losing weight.

Imagine feeling more energized...
More alive

Isn’t that what life with a healthier heart is supposed to be like?

Now, 3 American scientists won the prestigious Nobel Prize for something that may help explain this discovery.

Specifically, they found how the body can send a signal to improve its own heart health…

And these crystals may be connected to that signal.

It’s completely changed how science looks at heart health.

As a medical doctor, it surprises me to say this, but if you want…

A healthier heart…

More energy and less forgetfulness…

To ace your next check-up with your doctor…

And to rest easy at night, feeling happier with your health…

Then you need to know about these amazing crystals.

They’re natural, edible, and I’ll reveal exactly what they are in a moment.

Scientists have discovered these crystals are excellent for:

Your veins

Your arteries

Your heart

The reason why may have to do with a discovery that’s backed by a Nobel Prize.

In this presentation, I’m going to show you what these crystals are… and… the best way to get your hands on some.

Also, I’ll show you another breakthrough that helped participants with metabolic syndrome achieve near-normal 123/77 blood pressure on average, in 28 days.

As I said before, my name is Dr. Allan Spreen.

Dr. Spreen Portrait

I’ve been honored to be called America’s “Nutrition Physician.”

I earned the title by dedicating my medical career to finding natural solutions to support maximum health...

I’ve appeared on Discovery Health Channel for my work in alternative medicine.

I was also a competitive diver when I was younger, and I coached for the U.S. dive team in the ‘96 Olympic games.

And believe me, I know firsthand what it’s like to keep your heart perfectly healthy and how confusing and frustrating all the conflicting advice can be.

At this time, I’ve been a medical doctor for 35 plus years...

So yes, I’ve seen the full spectrum of health… from athletes to 85-year-olds just trying to keep up with their grandkids…

Not only that but… being 72 years young myself, this is very personal to me.

I have zero plans to retire and veg in front of the television.

I plan on squeezing every last drop of adventure and fulfillment out of life until the good Lord decides to take me.

Here’s why I’m delivering you this message:

As a physician, I know I need to keep my heart in tip-top shape if I want to enjoy my Golden Years. I also know the mainstream media has accidentally gotten the most common heart health advice DEAD WRONG.

The real secret to better heart health has nothing to do with avoiding cholesterol or fat.

Instead, you need to focus on your blood flow.

Here’s what that means…

When your heart beats, it pumps oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. At the same time, blood returns back to your heart and lungs to get more oxygen.

This happens 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for your entire life – even while you sleep.

To work perfectly, this delicate system relies on one thing:

Strong blood flow.

Think of it like a system of highways and neighborhood streets.

If traffic flows smoothly, we can breeze exactly where we need to go.

For this, we need nice, wide roads with plenty of lanes.

Well, it’s the same for our hearts. They need flexible, wide veins and arteries for perfect blood flow.

And that’s where top scientists and a Nobel Prize come in…

They discovered the mechanism that helps control blood flow.

It helps widen veins and arteries.

In fact, a small study on people with metabolic syndrome showed an ingredient that researchers believe uses this same mechanism, created BETTER blood pressure in study participants.

But that’s just the beginning.

You see, this discovery doesn’t just help improve blood pressure. It also has the power to improve health in your brain and other parts of the body.

It could even help improve your triglycerides and good cholesterol.

So, let’s dive into what this heart health secret is.

It starts with something called nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is a special chemical that signals your blood to flow!

With nitric oxide, your blood vessels stay wide and open.

Your eyes, lungs, stomach, limbs, and your brain and heart get as much life-giving oxygen as they need.

Which brings up the question, “Well if nitric oxide is so great, why isn’t everyone taking it as a pill?”

That’s the thing…

Nitric oxide isn’t something you can eat or take as a pill.

Instead, your body actually creates its own nitric oxide.

When you were young, you churned out plenty of nitric oxide.

But that changes as you age…

Unfortunately, scientists estimate that nitric oxide levels can plummet 75% from the time you’re a fit, healthy 20-year-old to a 70-to-80-year-old.

Take a moment right now and ask yourself…

Have you been feeling more fatigued in the last few years?

Have things been more difficult and frustrating in the bedroom?

Are you over the age of 55?

Then, there’s a good chance your nitric oxide levels are lower than they used to be.

But here’s the very good news…

Scientists figured out how to help raise your nitric oxide levels...

And it has to do with the special crystals I showed you earlier:

Plate of Crystals

It gets better…

Scientists have looked even deeper into the mechanism behind these crystals.

One group created a compound they suggest might work the same way, and they performed a study on it.

They showed the compound gave study participants with metabolic syndrome near-normal 123/77 blood pressure, on average, in just 28 days

When your heart, veins, and arteries get what they need, the change is going to be very rewarding.

Your arteries could stay open and flexible, smoothly delivering blood where it’s supposed to go…

When life-giving blood flows through your veins, you feel the difference.

Especially in your energy…

Just like when you were younger.

Now, as you learned before, nitric oxide is something your body makes.

However, for your body to make nitric oxide, it needs building blocks. Basically, your body needs the raw material to make nitric oxide…

And that’s exactly what these crystals are:

Plate of Crystals

They come from plants and, for many years, scientists thought these crystals didn’t have any heart-healthy effects…

But, finally, some smart scientists in London tested just a little bit on volunteers with hypertension. They gave 15 volunteers these crystals in the form of beet juice, or a placebo.

And they discovered the volunteers’ blood pressure improved just 3 hours after their first dose!


They also found that in just 6 hours these crystals improved blood pressure up to 11 points with the peak mean improvement between 3 and 6 hours.

And scientists theorize it works because your body converts this substance into life-giving nitric oxide.

I’ll show you exactly what these crystals are and the best way to get your hands on them, in a moment. But first, here’s something important:

When your body creates more nitric oxide… the benefits are NOT limited to your heart, veins, and arteries. Far from it…

Instead, almost your entire body and even your brain could get healthier.

You already learned how powerful nitric oxide is.

With more nitric oxide, you’ll be…

Enjoying more active time, whether that’s powerwalking around your block, visiting the neighbors, or working on your backyard garden…

Enjoying some quality time with your spouse…

Planning your next cross-country trip…

And it all starts with these certain crystals.

Okay, as promised, here’s exactly what these crystals are.

They’re called nitrate

And my team at NorthStar Nutritionals used our connections to source heart-healthy nitrate

I’m making it available directly to American seniors who viewed this presentation today.

And they easily fit into a little, natural pill you can conveniently take on a daily basis.

Bottle of UltiCardio 24

Which is why it’s the superstar ingredient in our formula called UltiCardio 24™.

It’s the best solution I’ve ever seen for anyone who wants to maintain their blood pressure and heart health.

And it’s available directly through this presentation. Beware of imposters selling unauthorized or inferior quality nitrates.

But when you get the real thing…

You could raise your nitric oxide levels.

You’ll never have to think about your blood pressure again. Ever.

But there’s one more thing. You see… I called it UltiCardio 24 for a reason.

Because the ingredients it contains, are the ultimate 24-hour solutions for supporting your heart, veins, and arteries.

As you learned before, the key to everything is to raise your nitric oxide.

For that, you start with a healthy supply of natural nitrates…

But remember that your body must transform the nitrate into nitric oxide.

And it turns out another nutrient might also go through this transformation. And in my research, I uncovered exactly what this nutrient is.

When you use it, you could start feeling so much energy that you start skipping your afternoon nap for a fun game of golf instead…

This nutrient is a certain kind of grape seed extract.

Now… when scientists gave a small amount of this grape seed extract to volunteers (who had metabolic syndrome and whose ages ranged from 25 all the way to 80)… they improved their BP numbers so much… they ended up near- perfect.

The kind of blood pressure numbers that will get you a high-five from your doctor!

And nobody had to wait months and months for these results, either. Instead, they got these blood pressure results in just 28 days.

In fact, the average blood pressure of the participants was a near-normal 123/77 at the end.

The scientists believe it’s because the specific grape seed extract helps activate the “enzyme for nitric oxide.”

So, now we know the truth. If you want better blood pressure, nitric oxide could be the key.

And like I just mentioned, this meant near-normal 123/77 blood pressure in just 28 days for study participants.

Either way, we know perfect blood pressure could be now possible.

Now, here’s the important thing. There is only ONE kind of grape-seed extract shown by science to improve blood pressure in just 28 days.

It’s made right here in the USA.

And it’s now protected by no less than 3 United States patents.

(Here they are, if you care to know: U.S. Patents # 7,651,707 B2, 7,767,235 B2, and 8,075,929 B2).

This premium-quality grape seed extract has been studied in 3 small double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. The subjects in these studies had hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

As a doctor, I can assure you, these clinical trials are the gold standard of medical research.

Once we were satisfied with the results, we made sure this grape seed extract was included in our UltiCardio 24 formula.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Doctor taking blood pressure of happy patient

Make an appointment with your doctor to have him check your blood pressure…

As he wraps the blood pressure cuff around your arm and starts squeezing the pump…

Get ready to give your doctor the biggest surprise of his day.

Because, right when you feel the cuff deflate and the hissing begins… you’re going to hear your doctor say:

“Wow! I had to check to make sure it’s accurate… but these blood pressure numbers are much better.”

Now, here’s the thing…

I had the opportunity to go a little “overboard” with this formula… so you won’t need to wait long for amazing results…

You see, once my team and I reviewed the research about nitric oxide’s ability to improve your heart health – we searched for ways studied to raise your levels.

That’s how we found a compound called S7. It’s a special blend of botanicals.

Hardly anyone’s heard of it. But a small study on 8 participants showed S7 has the power to help raise nitric oxide levels higher.

It gets better…

It was possible to enjoy higher nitric oxide levels just 3 hours after taking just one dose

Of course, we made sure to include a dose of S7 in our formula, so UltiCardio 24 truly includes the best of both worlds.

Imagine for a moment walking through life with nitric oxide levels higher than they are now.

Ensuring your tissues get the life-giving nutrients they need…

Both your heart and your brain. Think of how clear-headed you could feel, as soon as you wake up in the morning.

You’ll have so much fun taking walks around the block, planning a fun cruise vacation, or even a simple visit to your grandchildren… without feeling even a drop of stress.

You can swear you feel more energy.

Use UltiCardio 24

And then get your blood pressure checked by your own doctor.

I bet he’s going to congratulate you on your BP results… and ask what the heck your secret is!

It’s up to you whether you share it with him or not. But I’ll tell you this

That won’t be the only surprise you’ll both get during your check-up.

Which leads me to the next thing I want to share with you.

So far, we’ve learned your heart needs nitric oxide to stay in perfect health.

And, if you’re over the age of 55, scientists estimate your levels could be much lower than they used to be.

Fortunately, you now have the secret to make nitric oxide… and help raise your levels up.

But, that’s not the only thing you need to do to keep your heart healthy as you get older…

Because you need to keep your heart healthy in the face of 2 major causes of aging.

When you do… the benefits are profound. And I don’t toss that word around lightly…

In just a moment, you’re going to see study results that go way beyond better blood pressure.

I’m talking about improvements in your memory, sleep, energy, and even your waistline.

Your doctor might notice the changes… possibly as soon as they step into the room to examine you.

So, let’s quickly cover what to do…

First, you need to know about a hormone in your body called cortisol.

It’s often called the “stress hormone” because its levels go up when you’re stressed…

And it might be why you sometimes feel so tired and your memory is foggy.

Fortunately, there’s a certain ingredient that scientists theorize helps lower your cortisol levels. It comes from a plant, and it’s been used for thousands of years in India.

More recently, scientists have taken this ingredient and concentrated its healthy properties. It’s called Sensoril.

When scientists gave some Sensoril to chronically stressed volunteers, something unusual happened…

Of course, their hearts got healthier – which they expected.

Their triglycerides improved.

Their good cholesterol improved almost 17%.

But that was just the beginning…

You see, the scientists wanted to see how else the volunteers got healthier. And they did

They reported their forgetfulness decreased 57% and their focus improved 76%

They said their sleeplessness decreased…

Their muscle soreness, occasional headaches, and stress dropped by 70%...

And the volunteers even said they felt less fatigued.

As you can see, the benefits started with their heart… but quickly went way beyond.

Scientists believe when your cortisol is balanced, you can deal with stress more easily.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If you don’t balance your cortisol, it could affect you almost constantly. You could get more and more tired.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. After reviewing the research, we made sure to include a full dose of Sensoril in the UltiCardio 24 formula.

With nitrate for better blood pressure

With premium grape seed extract, which a small study showed gave near-normal 123/77 blood pressure in just 28 days

S7 which was shown in a small study to raise nitric oxide levels 2.3 times higher in just 3 hours…

And Sensoril to help balance your cortisol

UltiCardio 24 is the heart health formula you’ve been waiting for

Imagine making an appointment to get your cholesterol and triglycerides checked. And, by the time your appointment rolls around, you could already be sleeping better than ever. Like a log.

You could feel energized to take on the day, even before you take a single sip of coffee in the morning…

You could remember words quickly for crossword puzzles until you completely fill them in, and all the clues feel like easy ones…

Even your body has changed. When you get out of bed, you could stretch your arms up and realize your muscles might feel more limber and relaxed.

It’s so refreshing when you get to tell your doctor, “I haven’t felt like this in years.”

Now, let’s quickly cover the 2nd part of aging you need to address to keep your heart healthy.

It’s inflammation.

Now, inflammation is a natural process in your body.

However, inflammation needs to be kept at optimal levels.

Even if you eat right…exercise…and your doctor claims you’re fit as a fiddle!

But, here’s the good news. Just like we know how to defeat free radical damage… science has cracked the code on keeping inflammation at optimal levels.

The secret is to infuse your body with special healthy chemicals called polyphenols. They’re found in certain fruits and vegetables, which is why those foods are so good for you.

Of course, we all know we should eat more vegetables…

But some scientists conducted an interesting experiment.

They created an extremely potent blend of polyphenols – concentrating them way beyond what you’d find in a piece of broccoli.

The blend is called FiiT-ns.

Here’s what happened when they tested giving FiiT-ns to some volunteers in a study of 17 people for 12 weeks…

First, all the volunteers recruited by the scientists were obese and had moderate dyslipidemia.

Now, this was a placebo-controlled study. So, some volunteers got a sugar pill, and they didn’t experience any major changes.

But the men and women who got FiiT-ns. got very different results.

First, their LDL cholesterol improved over 10%...

Their HDL (good) cholesterol even went up 8%.

Triglycerides improved a full 14%. Same with their HbA1c – a crucial marker for blood sugar.

The volunteers even lost almost
15 pounds on average

That’s over a pound per week. Remember, they weren’t asked to go on any radical diet or exercise program.

Even more amazing was how the volunteers said they felt.

First, they felt more energy surging through their body…

Imagine for a moment…

You get a simple bottle of pills in the mail with instructions to start taking them

After some time goes by, you notice your weight could get lower on the scale…

And your energy starts going up.

Then, at your next check-up, you find out your triglycerides and HbA1c have improved too…

And your cholesterol’s better.

How is this possible?

Remember, it all comes down to inflammation.

And in the clinical study, the researchers measured how FiiT-ns changed one marker of the volunteers’ inflammation.

It improved a full 61%.

So, it’s no wonder we simply had to include a full dose of FiiT-ns in the UltiCardio 24 formula.

With nitrates for better blood pressure

With premium grape seed extract, which was shown in a small study to deliver perfect blood pressure in just 28 days

S7 which was shown in one small study to raise nitric oxide levels 2.3 times higher in just 3 hours…

And Sensoril and FiiT-ns to keep cortisol and inflammation healthy

UltiCardio 24 is truly the heart health formula you’ve been waiting for

I’m almost ready to show how you can test out UltiCardio 24 for yourself.

But there’s more…

If you want your newfound cardiovascular health to be truly complete…

You also need to keep your arteries flexible.

Think of them like a rubber band.

Flexibility is crucial for the health of your arteries…

The most shocking part?

It could come down to a single mineral imbalance…

That’s because this mineral can end up in your arteries.

And your doctor might not know.

And that’s a shame… because the solution is so simple

First, it might surprise you to know this mineral is calcium.

Now, before you throw away your calcium pills, or rummage through your fridge and toss out every container of yogurt and vow to never drink milk again… that’s not the solution.

Because calcium is actually very important for your health… as long as it ends up in your bones after you ingest it.

But this doesn’t always happen. You see, as you get older

Small bits of calcium can get sent into your arteries instead.

And to stop this, your body needs help…

But what’s the solution?

Specifically, your body needs Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3.

This nutrient combo may help keep your heart and arteries healthy

A decade-long study showed volunteers who reported consuming more K2 had better heart health.

Anyone concerned about long-term, youthful heart health needs both Vitamin K2 and D3.

Are you getting enough every day? You don’t need to worry because we added the full dose – and the highest quality forms of both – into UltiCardio 24.

With nitrates for better blood pressure

With premium grape seed extract, which a small study showed delivered 123/77 blood pressure in just 28 days

S7 which was shown in a small study to raise nitric oxide levels 2.3 times higher in just 3 hours…

Sensoril and FiiT-ns to help keep cortisol and inflammation healthy

And Vitamins K2 and D3

UltiCardio 24 is truly the heart health formula you’ve been waiting for.

Now, I understand everything we’ve covered today is a lot to take in. As I’m sure you know, keeping your heart healthy is not simple. Fortunately, you don’t need to memorize any of this.

You see, we’ve done our best, to make this the best heart formula you’ll ever see – and the only one you’ll ever need.

But there’s one more thing we did to make this formula extra special…

Most of the people I know who want to improve their heart health, also want to lose 10-15 pounds.

With that in mind, we included a final, special ingredient which could support your ability to lose weight.

It’s called Chromax.

A scientific study showed participants in fitness clubs dropped an average of 17 pounds in 90 days. They took a daily dose of Chromax and recorded their diet and exercise…

Look, it’s no secret that your heart health is intimately tied to your weight. That’s why we made sure to include a full dose of Chromax in our UltiCardio 24 formula.

If you’re interested in losing any amount of extra weight, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of this.

With nitrates for better blood pressure

With premium grape seed extract, which a small study showed delivered near-normal 123/77 blood pressure in just 28 days

S7 which was shown in a small study to raise nitric oxide levels 2.3 times higher in just 3 hours…

Sensoril and FiiT-ns to help keep cortisol and inflammation healthy

Vitamins K2 and D3 for flexible arteries

The essential vitamins B12 and folate

And Chromax to help support weight loss…

UltiCardio 24 is exactly what you need.

Take a look at the nearest calendar and flip just a couple pages over.

That amount of time will disappear in the blink of an eye. And you have a choice.

  1. You can simply get a few weeks older. You can keep thinking about your heart health...
  2. Or you can try out our UltiCardio 24 formula. And the same amount of time will go by… but your body could be different.

You won’t need to think about your heart health anymore. You’ll be too busy bragging to your spouse about your latest results from your doctor’s check-up.

And laughing about how you need to buy some slimmer pants…

This could be your future, as long as you raise your nitric oxide levels back up.

Fortunately, thanks to science on nitric oxide, it’s finally possible.

Here’s the complete breakdown of this amazing nitric oxide solution:

You get 917 mg of the special nitric oxide blend. This includes the nitrates, the special grape seed extract, Sensoril, and S7.

With this powerful blend, your body could make more nitric oxide… Imagine being like the lucky study participants who achieved near-normal123/77 blood pressure

You could also enjoy less forgetfulness, less fatigue, and even better sleep.

900 mg of FiiT-ns for keeping inflammation healthy.

45 mcg of Vitamin K2 and 500 IU of Vitamin D3

400 mcg of folate and 500 mcg of Vitamin B12

And 400 mcg of Chromax.

Not to mention, here’s more great news…

I worked with my team at NorthStar Nutritionals to combine this complete formula into a single, convenient formula.

And when you count up all the individual ingredients in each formula combination…

UltiCardio 24 delivers an astounding 24-ingredient combination, all carefully prepared for the health of your heart, mind, and body.

But there is one thing…

The only way to get our exclusive formula is directly through NorthStar Nutritionals.

Please understand, this powerhouse combination doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Today, however, for the first timeyou can get it delivered straight to your door.

UltiCardio 24 addresses every single thing you need for perfect heart health today...

Even the little-known ones…

It delivered near-normal 123/77 blood pressure in just 28 days to people with metabolic syndrome.

Get ready to never worry about your heart health again.

Your spouse will stop worrying about it too…

That’s how this breakthrough formula works.

And it can work for you.

Yes, even if you’ve tried other solutions in the past that disappointed you.

Like all NorthStar Nutritionals formulas, UltiCardio 24 is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it’s also non-GMO.

Taking UltiCardio 24 couldn’t be easier.

When you take it, you’ll be giving your heart EVERY vital nutrient you’ve learned about in this presentation. All 24 will be working in your body to keep you healthy.

It’s the exact formula you need… so you can stop dwelling and enjoy your life.

Ok, it’s time for you to make that choice...

You can simply let the next few weeks slip by, just like the last few weeks have. You can leave your fate to chance.

I’ve seen these kinds of cases hundreds of times. You do not want to take this path.

Or you can make the decision to try out UltiCardio 24.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, this powerful breakthrough helps keep your heart healthy

Like the lucky study participants who got better blood pressure

Once you start using the specific nutrients in UltiCardio 24, they will deliver exactly what you need for more nitric oxide and more energy.

And very soon, you can get what I like to call “the best doctor’s visit of your life.”

It’s when you go in for a check-up, and as your doctor applies the blood pressure cuff to your arm…

You wonder if UltiCardio 24 has been making a difference.

Sure, you’ve been FEELING more energy. Your pants are getting looser around your waist. Even your sleep and memory have been better…

But you still wonder what your doctor’s going to say when you feel the cuff deflate and hear the hissing.

Will it be some good news?

There’s a pause… and…

“Wow! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! These are the best numbers I’ve seen from you… I’m not going to see you again for another year.”

You stride out of the office, letting it sink in that you don’t need to think about your heart health.

You have the energy for golfing, bowling, working in your garden…

Booking a surprise cruise for you and your spouse…

Couple Holding Hands on Beach

Don’t be surprised if your friends start having trouble keeping up with you!

They may not know why you’ve got so much more energy, confidence, and even such a sharp memory… but you will.

You could keep getting more and more fun reminders that…

You’re taking great care of your heart.

With nitrates for better blood pressure

With premium grape seed extract, which a small study showed delivered near-normal 123/77 blood pressure in just 28 days

S7 which was shown in a small study to raise nitric oxide levels 2.3 times higher in just 3 hours…

Sensoril and FiiT-ns to help keep your cortisol and inflammation healthy

Vitamins K2 and D3

Vitamins B12 and folate

And Chromax to help support weight loss…

UltiCardio 24 is the superior formula for your heart.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

I’m so confident this formula can improve all your important numbers, I want you to try UltiCardio 24 with ZERO risk.

That’s right… you have an unlimited guarantee when you try UltiCardio 24 today.

Here’s how it works…

Reserve your own supply of
UltiCardio 24 today

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the instructions and start taking UltiCardio 24 daily.

Then, make an appointment to get your blood pressure checked.

Satisfaction Guarantee Logo

Then, if for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your results, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

Let me repeat that… for any reason at all, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

And your guarantee NEVER expires.

You can request a refund any time in the future — it could be 6 months from now… a year… there is no limit or expiration.

This way, there’s no pressure… and no risk… when you try UltiCardio 24 today.

In a few moments, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve your supply.

When the button appears below, click on it and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you do, we’ll begin packing your shipment of UltiCardio 24 and we’ll rush it your way.

Before long, you’ll receive a plain package from USPS.

Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of UltiCardio 24.

I recommend you immediately bring your UltiCardio 24 supply into your kitchen, open it up…

And take your first dose with water or the beverage of your choice.

As time goes by — your heart, veins, and arteries could get healthier.

You could even feel the difference in your energy, sleep, and memory.

And when you see the official results of how your numbers have improved, you’ll wonder, “What would they be like now if I didn’t have UltiCardio 24?”

And that’s an important question… so I want to make sure your heart health is never without the total support of UltiCardio 24.

I want your heart health to stay picture-perfect. PERIOD.

So, today, through this special presentation, I’m giving you free access to our Auto-Delivery Service program.

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